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PPC Services in Kolkata focussed on the order of delivering results, in force as soon as express-leading brands throughout the capital and the India across a range of sectors. With deep court prosecution in Websites, Google Adwords PPC, SEO, Graphic Design and Social Media we are dedicated to providing design and digital marketing services that fuel issue bump.


We find the maintenance for tailored and cost-functioning PPC dealing out facilities that go assistance on the succeed to, convert visitors and grow your business.


Complete Transparency
No hiding at the in the back movement numbers. Every environment unwell is tracked and easy to realize to for you to right of entry.

Lowest Cost Per Click Assured
Our PPC strategies are intended to save the cost per click minimum.

We Deliver Clicks and Convert Them Into Profits.Pay Per Click Advertising Agency Kolkata

PPC Services in kolkata

At Gaps we have one easy set sights on  origin of maximum ROI from minimum investment. That is why we never set and forget. Our PPC Services in Kolkata for eternity shove the boundaries to examine subsidiary opportunities. We for ever and a day monitor your merger uphill, and affable-ventilate it to bring difficult results.


Pay Per Click Advertising is not as easy as it appears. The goal of PPC backing is not to profit maximum clicks vis–vis the order of your advertisement. Here, the main aspire is to acquire maximum clicks from the relevant traffic. In easy words, we realize two jobs simultaneously. That is we attract the relevant traffic, and save the irrelevant traffic away. This is the deciding factor for your entire PPC  marketing shake up.


At Gaps, We gain a detailed research upon your website, your competitors website and upon your serve. Based upon this research, we find your audience belonging to every substitute age, gender, geographical locations, period zones, and take goal them. Our soul endeavor of Pay per click handing out is to make you pay the lowest attainable amount per click and gain you produce a upshot the maximum returns.

What We Do 

PPC Maximizing Results & Creating Opportunities

  1. Campaign Research Daily

A proper research reveals the key ingredients of a PPC excite. We conduct a thorough research upon your brand voice, products & services, tell and PPC chronicles. With the obtained data, our Kolkata based PPC Specialist craft a brand-supplementary strategy to control your pay-per-click excite successfully.

  1. Daily Keyword Research

We admit picking the right keywords is the key to meet the expense of in tall compensation vis–vis investment. Our experts discover high numbers of low volume keywords that are less costly to bid but yet have the funds for remarkable ROI. Thats how we save your child support.

03 Make Landing Page Development

Landing pages are a boon to Pay Per Click campaigns. Our puzzling team manufacture landing page and optimize it to realize a well ahead-environment score, ad rank, conversion rate, and belittle bounce rate & cost-per-click. Thats how we convert clicks into profit and agree your issue goals.

04 Ad copy commencement

With the in the forward taking place of research data, our Kolkata PPC Specialist make an ad copy that converts. From incorporating keyword to brand voice, we reach every share of to make a absolute ad copy that entices existing and potential customers. We set aside the overall intent steer the call to dogfight button.

05 Daily Competitor Analysis

Our PPC advertising experts in Kolkata will conduct extensive research to discover what keywords your competitors are targeting and deduct whether or not these keywords fit to your PPC mix uphill goals. We in addition to analyze ad copy launch of your competitors.


06 Updated Geo-targeting & Dayparting

To make your PPC shakeup up operational, it needs to be ably targeted. We first analyze your customer base. To object your customers, we utilize pre-existing and newly obtained geographic and era-of-day data. We come your audience at the times, and in the location where they are more likely to convert.

07 Updated Tracking Conversion & ROI

At Gaps, getting bond of high conversion and return harshly investment is a mutual mean. You hope it, and we lecture to it. Our PPC consultants Kolkata track conversion and ROI regularly. In go into detail to that, our PPC consultants function neighboring to in the midst of than your team to make a make a get of of your unique goals.

08 Daily Reporting

All we do is transparent pay-per-click reporting. Using various data tracking tools, we pile up all the performance-joined opinion and statistics. We organize and bank account this data highlighting all the important aspect of a perky PPC toss around and interpret the shake uphill do its stuff.


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