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Pay Per Click PPC Chandigarh Advertising is one of the best and fastest advertising platform by Google which is aimed to dominate the search results for specific keywords. PPC offers a unique presence to businesses on search engines and boosts chances of traffic.

PPC is an in-depth process. It is not as simple as it sounds. It needs a lot of deep analysis and research. Google Adwords PPC SEO (GAPS) is the leading PPC agency which is offering the best PPC advertising services and to give you the best ROI to your business.

Our PPC Services Cover –

  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Bid Management
  • PPC Reporting/Monitoring
  • Conversion/Sales/Call Tracking

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Search Ads

These types of ads appear next to Google searches when people are looking for services and products you are offering. You just pay for what you want when they click to visit your site. Discover Make Search Ads More Easier‎ Google earns 78% of $36.7B US search ad revenues. Amazon spent $157.7 million on Google U.S. search ads Trusted by Millions

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YouTube Video Ads

Video ads play before videos of your product, or just after search results on YouTube. You can easily connect with customers through this. Video ads are displayed only to the individuals you want and you just pay when they start to watch. In simple words, we won’t target people who are not interested.

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Display Ads

Place your ads wherever you want, i.e. on different blogs, news sites, and other sites across the web to reach more potential customers. The display ads of Adwords appear on more than 2 million websites and in around 650,000 apps. This way, your ad will show up anywhere you want to your audience. Whether you are using images or texts on your ads, with ad gallery, it will take only a few minutes to start.

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Shopping Ads

Get exposure to individuals who looking for products or services you are offering, whether they are shopping at they are buying in their office, at home or on the go. You just have to pay when they check out your inventory or go through your website.

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PPC Services in Chandigarh PPC Company in Chandigarh Why GAPS ?

We have decades of experience in online business and we are the leading PPC advertising and marketing agency. We have proven knowledge and strategies to boost your ROI. We have knowledgeable team who strive hard to deliver sure shot results from your campaigns. Here’s why you should choose us –

  • Reach your target audience instantly who are looking for products and services you offer.
  • Unlike SEO, you can get quick results
  • Ability to run language-based advertising campaigns
  • Target specific local addresses
  • Target all devices individually
  • Value for money
  • No minimum investment needed
  • Retarget your visitors who entered your site once but didn’t buy anything
  • Online reputation management and display ads ahead of organic searches
PPC chandigarh ppc services in chandigarh

PPC Services in Chandigarh PPC Company in Chandigarh What we do?

    • Review your goals – Our PPC services start with 1-on-1 conversation with our PPC experts to discuss your goals.

  • Display Ads – It gives endless potential to digital marketers by offering great reach.

  • Customize Your Plan – Our next step is to create your customized PPC advertising plan by researching keywords that can be used by your customers in search engines to find your desired services and products. We create ads that are attractive to your customers. Ads are targeted to the regional, local or national market.

  • Track results – Optimization will refine constantly and focus campaign to push the boundaries of performance. Attention to detail is very important here.

  • Overall Improvements – With time passes, we keep track on your results and make changes to your PPC campaign to further improve it.

PPC Services in Chandigarh (Best Google AdWords Company)
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