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We are Delhi based company providing complete political marketing campaigns. We are doing Digital Marketing from last 10+ years. We worked with top companies of India and promote themselves from Zero to Hero. Your name will be kept secret forever.

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✅ Complete Political Marketing – 1st Time in India
✅ Digital Marketing Experts Launched Special Package for Politicians
✅ Get our IT Cell to Promote Yourself & Go Ahead of Competition
✅ Road Show, Whatsapp, Banner, Audio, YouTube Video, 1to1 Marketing
✅ Increase your Winning Rate by 90%
✅ Twitter Strategy
✅ Facebook Strategy to Build Your Name
✅ YouTube Strategy to Go Ahead of Competition
✅ SMS Marketing & Strategy

Digital Marketing Experts Launched Special Package for Politicians

After numerous years of experience, we indulged from last few years for Digital Marketing for Politicians. We never share our client’s name to others for any reason. You will be in safe hands and your image will be in safe hands forever. According to your target area and voters mind set, we create campaigns and according to your promises, we optimize yourself in front of your voters to increase your chances of winning.

Get our IT Cell to Promote Yourself & Go Ahead of Competition

We dedicate our IT Cell to one politician for one election for one area, so you need not to worry. We will work for you, not for your opponent at any cost until you are with us. We dedicate our IT Cell to you and give you reports of working on daily, weekly and monthly basis. We also do meeting with you to analyze goals every fortnight.

Road Show, Whatsapp, Banner, Audio, YouTube Video, 1to1 Marketing

We do Road show, whatsapp marketing, banner advertising, audio advertising, YouTube Video Advertising and one to one marketing to grow your name faster than anyone. With our Roadshow, your name will be spreaded to your target location.

Increase your Winning Chances by 90%

It has been seen that people who do digital marketing get higher chances to win the election. The big names of Indian politics have won the election by the virtue of Digital Marketing.

Twitter Strategy

Very few people know in the industry how to win by twitter strategy, what things are essential and what not. Here, our experts are experts in handling twitter account.

Facebook Strategy

People know about small advertising skills of facebook ads and marketing whereas the Professionals know something greater than normal marketers. Some people have myth that they know everything about facebook and they can market well whereas the reality is far from their state of mind. They even can’t think until they have been told by professionals.

YouTube Strategy

It is one of the best game of this era where everyone is running behind watching visual rather than reading the text. In small videos, we give virtue to video and the user got fascinated with it. Our made videos told the stories with 4 to 10 seconds. Try our Youtube strategy.



Bulk SMS for Political Campaigns

India’s #1 High Priority Bulk SMS 100% Instant Delivery Pay Only Delivered Number 24*7 Support

Bulk WhatsApp for Political Campaigns
Send Texts, Pictures and Video Messages to your Voter in your local area.

#1 Voice SMS Services Provider
Premium Voice SMS & Calls Service Provider in India.Your Mobile No Ur Caller Id, 100% Delivery, RealTime Reporting, 10+ Call Input, Web Panel. Best Price for Bulk and Election Campaign

OOH Media with Auto & eRickshaw Advertising

Now days, it becomes possible for political to make public aware about their voices to raise awareness. by using the service of advertising on Auto Rickshaw

Be authentic Facebook Ads for Political Campaigns

Firstly, we will need to set up a Facebook page for your campaign and, ideally, a website for your campaign.

need some creative assets; campaign photos, a profile picture, other images that you use for your campaign or even a video

Voter Targeting with geoloction
Targeting voters for election races are best done through geolocation.

Post your personal reaction to current events. Bring your audience behind the scenes with spontaneous photos and videos from events and appearances.

Share candid and original photos and videos.
Show examples of how you are working with and for your constituents to get things done.
Break news. Posting news quickly allows you to shape media narratives about you and what you care about.

Engage with your audience
Discuss current issues on your Page with your audience.
Host a Q&A to have a conversation between you and your fans.
Reply personally to people who comment on your posts to show them that you’re listening. Use ranked comments to surface your responses to the top of the discussion.
Give your supporters a chance to take action.

Go Live

Tell your story as it happens by going Live on Facebook. Make an announcement, start a Q&A or just show your followers what’s happening.
Create a shared experience: watching a Live broadcast gives an interactive experience between the broadcaster and their viewers in real-time.
During your broadcast, you’ll see how many viewers you have and can say hello to your fans by name and respond to their comments live.

Write quality long-form content
Short posts do not always give you the necessary breadth to tell a story or explain a complicated situation. Lengthy posts can lead to substantial discussion and help people understand complex issues.
You can use Facebook Notes to write longer posts, format your text into headers, quotes or bullets, and add photos with captions.

Measure your success with Page Insights
See metrics about the performance of your Page, such as reach and engagement to learn which posts resonate with your audience.
Learn about the key demographics of your audience.
Optimize your publishing strategy to reach more people.

All India Nukkad Natak Event Organiser for Political Campaigns!
We do Event Nukkad Natak for Political Campaigns. We organise various events like Nukkad natak,mall activity,Road shows & voter Political Campaigns etc.


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We help you achieve your mission through our suite of digital church solutions. Social Media Reaching voters where they are

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